Definition of meter in English:



[with object]
  • Measure by means of a meter.

    ‘digital switchboards metered calls by seconds and dialled destination’
    ‘a metered supply of water’
    ‘the introduction of water metering’
    • ‘Mr Chomba said out of the 25,000 customers only 10 per cent were metered while the rest were receiving fixed water bills.’
    • ‘Utilities can be metered and submetered, for example, to determine performance levels.’
    • ‘But you don't need to have a solar panel to use metered electricity.’
    • ‘Up till now, the horticulturalists' water use has not been metered.’
    • ‘The core concept of utility computing for storage is that usage must be metered and billed.’
    • ‘Some activities can be easily metered, such as the automatically clocked time-per-call measures of a call center.’
    • ‘The city estimates flat-rate water customers use up to 50 per cent more water than metered customers.’
    • ‘I therefore suggest that this first quality water for internal use be metered and charged for at the rate of our present water consumption cost.’
    • ‘What this means is that vast numbers of suburban streets are being metered with parking fees of up to €2 per hour imposed on visiting motorists.’
    • ‘The meter operating fee assigns the meter operating costs equitably to customers who have metered water service.’
    • ‘Most users of public water are metered, with the customer paying a regular fee per thousand gallons of water used.’
    • ‘You won't have a problem damaging the sensitive innards with neglected battery acid and the camera's light metering system will work correctly every time.’
    • ‘A senior Conservative Party campaigner claims York residents could see their cash drain away if their water bills are metered.’
    • ‘From 2006, all non-domestic water users are supposed to be metered so they only pay for the amount actually used on the premises.’
    • ‘Businesses and organisations that use significant quantities of water are metered.’
    • ‘The method involves metering the content of certain metals in underground water, which changes before and after an earthquake.’
    • ‘Payments for water, which is metered, are used to keep up and expand the system.’
    • ‘At the moment just over 1500 non-domestic water users in the county area are metered because they are significant water users.’
    • ‘Consumers are reminded to make all necessary repairs to taps and water troughs as all supplies are now metered and will have to be paid for.’
    • ‘There will be no subsidy for farms or businesses, all domestic supplies, farms and businesses will be metered.’
    take the measurements of, calculate, compute, estimate, count, meter, quantify, weigh, size, evaluate, rate, assess, appraise, gauge, plumb, measure out, determine, judge, survey
    come up to standard, achieve the required standard, fulfil expectations, fill the bill, fit the bill, pass muster, do well
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