• 1A form or shape produced by the gentle draping of a loose, full garment or piece of cloth.

    ‘the fabric fell in soft folds’
    • ‘Nosha caught it and the folds of cloth fell open to show Nia whimpering.’
    • ‘The lady's undergarment, a fine white chemise, is gathered in soft folds with a black bow.’
    • ‘This is a long outer garment with loose folds and a head covering.’
    • ‘You might even want to throw in some fancier accordion pleats or other folds to make your shapes come to life.’
    • ‘Beneath the tough outer casing and linear silhouettes are a feast of soft frills and folds.’
    • ‘The rogue member of the Shadow Spirit clan chased after her, throwing a knife from one of the folds in his loose clothing.’
    • ‘Ignoring the blades that shot out from the loose folds of Mairgeth's shirt, he shifted his gaze back to Tye.’
    • ‘At the painting's optical center is a large, round table draped with folds of brilliant white cloth.’
    • ‘And over the magnificent, inspiring crowd there floated the green flag, waving its folds in the gentle breeze of the new-born day.’
    • ‘A pale hand extended from between the dark folds of his loose robe, and Cassari's fingers brushed against his as they politely shook hands.’
    • ‘The sleeves were were very loose and had intricate folds in them, except where they tightened into a cuff at the wrist.’
    • ‘He pulls back his bow to the limit, at the same time the prince takes a small box out of the folds of his garment.’
    • ‘He skipped off the gunrest and looked gravely at his watcher, gathering about his legs the loose folds of his gown.’
    • ‘Nodding, I stood, letting the robe fall in soft folds around my body.’
    • ‘A figure standing at the edge of the camp started towards him, a mass of fluttering gray folds of cloth that matched the somber sky.’
    • ‘His skin was jet black and gleamed like polished ebony, and he wore swathes of a fine dark grey cloth draped over his body in loose folds.’
    • ‘The underskirt should also fall in soft folds, but since only part of it is seen, you can use a sheet with a lower thread count.’
    • ‘Dresses were strewn across the bed and draped carefully over the trunks, the soft folds inviting Gwin's caress.’
    • ‘The folds of Mary's garments are beautifully painted, so is the poise of her head, and all the details of the picture except the figure of the child.’
    • ‘Generally they consist of very simple linear designs, characterized by Gothic loops and hooks in the folds of the garments.’
    pleat, gather, ruffle, bunch, turn, folded portion, double thickness, overlap, layer
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    1. 1.1 An area of skin that sags or hangs loosely.
      • ‘Others have the gaunt, skull-like features and folds of skin you will have seen from television pictures of previous famines.’
      • ‘They are attracted to areas where the skin is thinner: folds around the ankles, backs of knees, waist, and underarms.’
      • ‘They may be present at birth or caused by ingrown hairs in the folds of the skin.’
      • ‘He had a smile on his face that turned his eyes into tiny glimmers amid the folds of his skin.’
      • ‘Skin discoloration is common in areas of the body that are covered by folds of skin or tight clothing.’
      • ‘Their beady yellow eyes were buried in folds of jaundiced skin that swam and bubbled from the heat.’
      • ‘It was in form more like a wolf, with bloated, powerful muscles covered in brown folds of skin.’
      • ‘Along her arms were folds of skin which were actually folded fins along with webbed hands.’
      • ‘The rough folds of skin at the corners of the familiar eyes became taut and she grimaced in pitiful disgust.’
      • ‘The other was comically fat, with folds of dead yellow skin hanging in a halo around his massive neck.’
      • ‘But scales are folds in skin; feathers are complex structures with a barb, barbules and hooks.’
      • ‘However patches can occur on the face or other parts of the body, especially folds of the skin.’
      • ‘I pulled them out and the folds of skin fit back together almost seamlessly.’
      • ‘Males have bushy white tails and folds of brilliant blue skin on their faces.’
      • ‘It was eyeless and had no ears, the folds of its skin creating the effect that its hide would fall from its bones at a moment's notice.’
      • ‘His face was so thick with sorrow it seemed to hang in the folds of the skin.’
      • ‘Nails grow out of deep folds in the skin of the fingers and toes.’
      • ‘They have been completed to the finest detail - from the curving jaws to the tiniest folds of the skin or even the glint in the eyes.’
      • ‘She ran up to Cathal and wrapped her arms around his neck, practically burying her head in the folds of skin on his neck.’
      • ‘This is characterised by areas of skin in folds or creases, becoming dry with large smooth red patches.’
  • 2British A slight hill or hollow in the ground.

    ‘the house lay in a fold of the hills’
    • ‘He stood still, looking out across the moonlight, his head a little raised, and his ears spread like fans, up to the great folds of the Garo hills.’
    • ‘There is a picture, in my mind, of an impossibly long, steep path up a bleak peak rising Golgotha-like above a fold of green hills.’
    • ‘It has conveniently, or not depending on your perspective, concealed itself in the fold of one of the many valleys.’
    • ‘The topography is majestically varied, spreading in hills and folds into infinity.’
    • ‘He stared out at the darkened folds of the valley and the fading strip of radiance at the other end.’
    • ‘When I reached the last little fold of ground the nearest was still 200 yards away.’
    • ‘Trudging up the glen, one comes gradually upon a little limewashed house clinging to a fold in the hills.’
    • ‘Just a mile from the M62, the secluded Piethorne Valley is hidden from view in the lower folds of high Pennine moors.’
    • ‘Perhaps it would be better instead to find a nice hidden fold in the hills on which to site a small, unobtrusive nuclear power station.’
    • ‘The slanting rays of the sun accentuated the folds and valleys.’
    • ‘Climbing its slopes, with a twinge of excitement I spot an encampment of black tents set in the fold of a green glen.’
    • ‘It features Roman roads, ancient burial grounds and 17th century folds.’
    • ‘This is a film about rivers, mountains, and the folds in the land that can support following and hiding.’
    • ‘Forget any thoughts of serene and distant romance within the gentle folds of slow lunar hills.’
    • ‘It lies in a fold in the hill east of St Helena and had been developed as a vineyard and winery in the 1880s by the Swiss-Italian family of Anton Rosi.’
    1. 2.1Geology A bend or curvature of strata.
      • ‘Along the eastern margin of the nappe folds verge to the east and the cleavage fans until it dips westward.’
      • ‘Asymmetrical folds and axial planar quartz veins, isoclinal and rootless folds and boudinage of chert layers are common.’
      • ‘In the footwall of the antithetic fault, a drag fold creates an anticline which is best seen in quarry Q1.’
      • ‘In the study area, the surface geology of the foreland fold and thrust belt is dominated by the south Urals accretionary complex.’
      • ‘The Delamerian Orogen is a compressional orogen developed by westward vergent folds and thrust faults.’
  • 3A line or crease produced in paper or cloth as the result of folding it.

    • ‘The slide was then pressed gently between the folds of a paper towel, and the edges of the coverslip were sealed with nail varnish.’
    • ‘The folds have worn translucent lines into the rough drawing paper.’
    • ‘The waxed side of the paper made it hard to keep the folds, but we got a lot of enjoyment out of trying to make the things fly.’
    • ‘But there is a fragment - four pages - below the fold.’
    • ‘After each camper shares, each undoes a fold in the paper.’
    • ‘Fold the sleeves in half lengthwise to find the center and mark a line along the fold.’
    • ‘Running above the fold on the front page of business, it read as follows.’
    • ‘It turns out the Trib and the Globe both ran the story on page 1 below the fold.’
    • ‘The thin paper was lifted as he slid his thumb under the fold.’
    • ‘In one case, printed on 21 sheets of paper, just below the horizontal fold, over to the right and at about 45 degrees are the words ‘Life Bonds’.’
    • ‘Small folds can be removed by slightly wetting the paper and then pressing it - with a heavy pile of books for instance.’
    • ‘Gently pull the paper so that it tightens and you can crease the folds as shown to make it lie perfectly flat.’
    • ‘Be sure to fold the paper loosely and not crease it at the folds.’
    • ‘She prefers bolder colors anyway, and it looks way too hard to make all those folds in the paper.’
    • ‘There's an update to this piece below the fold which could make this reference even-more apt.’
    • ‘Tony fingered the script nervously, aware of every bend and fold in the paper.’
    • ‘This deserves to be on the front page - above the fold - of every newspaper in America.’
    • ‘Folding clothes gives a sharp crease along the fold line.’
    • ‘Open the paper and crease the folds back and forth to make the pages easier to form.’
    • ‘Kirby unfolded the paper to find a dried pink rose pressed within the fold.’
    1. 3.1 A piece of paper or cloth that has been folded.
      ‘a fold of paper slipped out of the diary’
      • ‘The man went back inside and a few minutes later returned with a fold of paper.’
      • ‘The computer paper continued to pile up in lengthy white folds.’
      • ‘Carefully, she opened the letter and slid the paper out of its fold.’
      • ‘Laser-printed folds of computer paper began to spill from a slot in the far wall and form a stack on the floor.’
      • ‘The kind man untied her bonds and handed her a mass of folds of blue cloth.’
      • ‘So I put a fold of toilet paper over the stains and soaked the paper in sodium hypochlorite.’
      • ‘Instead Sunil clenches his paper into folds, picks up his case, and gets off at Waterloo.’
      • ‘Then I began to open the slippery paper out of its folds.’

Definition of fold in English:



  • 1A pen or enclosure in a field where livestock, especially sheep, can be kept.

    • ‘He even found that his fold of 14 Highland cattle acted as a social ice-breaker when he moved into the community.’
    • ‘Whaw comes from the Norse meaning ‘the enclosure near the fold where sheep are milked’.’
    • ‘They would have secured them in folds, against the bitter cold of the Palestinian winter.’
    • ‘A very wise man says it is better to go after one stray sheep than stay with 99 sheep who are safe in the fold.’
    • ‘Gaining the ridge above town alongside folds of snorting sheep, I was grateful for the breeze of a cloudy morning.’
    • ‘And, says the girl, there's a very small lamb in the fold.’
    • ‘Small puffs of cloud lay low in the east, like a flock of sheep at daybreak, waiting for the gate of the fold to open.’
    • ‘In contrast, they acted as if Ramsford were a lamb returning to the fold.’
    enclosure, pen, paddock, pound, compound, ring, stall
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    1. 1.1the fold A group or community, especially when perceived as having shared aims and values.
      ‘government whips tried to persuade the waverers back into the fold’
      • ‘In establishing the Roadmap, NIH purposefully intended to usher new researchers and new fields into the fold.’
      • ‘But as 2004 brought back some musical exiles to the fold, so it saw its share of departures.’
      • ‘But when we come down to driving the business and pushing performance, we bring everybody into the fold.’
      • ‘Stevens, an industry veteran, comes on board in time to work the company's recent McKesson Water and Naya acquisitions into the fold.’
      • ‘The latest Golf is set by its designers to hold onto the faithful and garner a few more congregations to the fold.’
      • ‘He returned to the fold of Congress Party in 1996 and remained in it till he died.’
      • ‘This time we felt less like lone sheep in the pasture and more welcomed to the fold.’
      • ‘From Madagascar and Mexico, these vines have spread their flavour to the remotest corners of Kerala enticing farmers into its fold.’
      • ‘I must admit, as a confirmed stamper, I've been a bit hesitant to accept scrapbookers into the fold.’
      • ‘Only after aging and settling down was Sultan accepted into the fold.’
      • ‘South Africa's readmission into the African fold has given Chicco fresh sources of inspiration.’
      • ‘The community accepted me into the fold immediately - how could they not?’
      • ‘Once in the fold of the culture of jazz, you would find your own rhythm and feel energised, right from the start.’
      • ‘Angel killed Jenny, but he has been accepted back into the fold.’
      • ‘But if there were a single comic to turn the tide, and bring new readers into the fold, then Runaways would be it.’
      • ‘Only if the other lions accept him into their fold, would Simba be released into the lion enclosure.’
      • ‘Sinjun prayed fervently they'd accept her into the fold.’
      • ‘Andy does his part to look the part by snuggling up to the newest member of his fold.’
      • ‘Its organizers are working hard to bring new readers to the fold.’
      • ‘And a beautiful, filthy-rich Westmount student communist uses her charms to lure him into the fold.’
      community, company, group, body, mass, throng, congregation, assembly
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Old English fald, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vaalt.