Definition of Whitsuntide in English:



  • The weekend or week including Whit Sunday.

    • ‘And as they followed the Salvation Army Band, memories came flooding back of when walking days were an annual Whitsuntide treat and not just a nostalgic event.’
    • ‘The films showing gala and Whitsuntide processions through the town were said to be in the possession of Odeon chief projectionist Albert Rennison.’
    • ‘And since seven Sundays had passed since Easter, it was now Whitsuntide, the greatest festival of the Church next to Easter itself, and so it must be celebrated, sorrow or no.’
    • ‘The extended stoppage of spinners at Whitsuntide added to their fears.’
    • ‘National religious festivals, especially Christmas, Easter, and Whitsuntide, also survived erosion from the apostles of economic rationality, order, and propriety between the late 18th and mid-19th cents.’
    • ‘The novel is divided first into portentous segments of the liturgical year (imagine advancing panels featuring Lent, Whitsuntide and Septuagesima).’
    • ‘They are probably about to start on their annual Whitsuntide walk around the district, to be followed by tea and games.’
    • ‘There used to be in England an established pattern whereby geese were fattened and eaten twice a year, at Michaelmas when they were plump from eating stubble, and as ‘green’ geese around Whitsuntide.’
    • ‘The house was one of the focal points of the Whitsuntide Catholic pilgrimage to York, and local Catholics were anxious to restore the house.’
    • ‘These men have now been working short time, i.e., five days a week for eight months, in addition to being laid off at Whitsuntide and the August races.’
    • ‘Efforts are being made to revive the once tremendously popular Whitsuntide galas at Peel Park, Bradford, after a lapse of 17 years.’
    • ‘Many homes are decorated with birch branches for Whitsuntide.’
    • ‘The recently formed St Lucia Power Boat Association is scheduled to stage a Caribbean Event over the Whitsuntide weekend, involving over 300 competitors.’
    • ‘For instance every Whitsuntide people gather at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire and for some perverse reason hurl themselves down a slope clutching an 8lb Double Gloucester cheese.’
    • ‘Three Christian holidays that have become prominent in Latvian culture are Christmas, Easter (late March or early April), and Whitsuntide (the week of Pentecost in May).’
    • ‘It was part of the traditional celebration of Christmas, New Year, Easter and Whitsuntide.’
    • ‘She said she was always happy to return to York and would be back at Whitsuntide to visit her old school, The Mount.’
    • ‘It was also important as the site of the annual Bay Fair held every Whitsuntide, the village stocks, and meeting place for local hunts.’
    • ‘See how well-dressed crowds clutched umbrellas and packed a barge for a Whitsuntide trip with Change Bridge in the background.’
    • ‘In 1583, the Stratford officials contributed to a performance given at Whitsuntide by local amateurs and organized by one Davy Jones.’