Definition of Verner's Law in English:

Verner's Law


  • The observation that voiceless fricatives in Germanic predicted by Grimm's Law became voiced if the preceding syllable in the corresponding Indo-European word was unstressed.

    • ‘Similarly, Grimm's Law, Verner's Law, and Grassman's Law are transformed into SpecGram's Law.’
    • ‘Verner published his results in 1875, and the patterns he described came to be known as Verner's Law.’
    • ‘The Danish scholar Carl Verner thus corrected the major deficiency of Grimm's Law by introducing a further sound shift Law, since called Verner's Law.’
    • ‘No exceptions and no examples of Verner's Law are involved.’


Late 19th century: named after Karl A. Verner (1846–96), Danish philologist.


Verner's Law