Definition of Trojan Horse in English:

Trojan Horse


  • 1(in Greek mythology) a hollow wooden statue of a horse in which the Greeks are said to have concealed themselves in order to enter Troy.

    • ‘Because of the Trojan Horse, there arose the saying: Never trust Greeks bearing gifts.’
    • ‘Bear in mind the legendary Trojan Horse, which allowed Greek soldiers to penetrate the walls of Troy.’
    • ‘Achilles's death is supposed to occur well before the deployment of the Trojan Horse.’
    • ‘In the end, however, it is sly Odysseus's invention, the Trojan Horse, that permits the Greek forces to enter Troy with terrible consequences.’
    • ‘Although Ulysses did not play a major role in Homers ‘The Iliad’, he was responsible for the Trojan Horse - the story of which appears in ‘The Odyssey’ as a flashback.’
    1. 1.1 A person or thing intended to undermine or secretly overthrow an enemy or opponent.
      ‘the rebels may use this peace accord as a Trojan horse to try and take over’
      • ‘But the success of science turned it into a Trojan Horse as scientists increasingly limited their discussions and explanations to natural phenomena.’
      • ‘However, this Government is using one institution as a Trojan Horse to rope all tertiary education institutions into the same corral and exert control over them.’
      • ‘Your tenacious research over the last year has shown that this idea may be the Trojan Horse of voting machine reform, allowing elections to be stolen more easily than in the past.’
      • ‘The academy has opened its doors to the Trojan Horse and has found itself swamped with a discipline which does not pay homage to the traditional gods of Logos and Logic.’
      • ‘Free trade is the Trojan Horse of world government.’
      sham, fraud, pretence, imposture, hoax, fake, misrepresentation, blind, wile, artifice, trojan horse
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    2. 1.2Computing A program designed to breach the security of a computer system while ostensibly performing some innocuous function.
      • ‘It's entirely possible that your computer might be infected with a Trojan Horse that says you are signing one document, when in fact you are signing another.’
      • ‘Once opened, the attachment is designed to plant a Trojan Horse on the unsuspecting recipient's computer, making its content accessible to the attackers.’
      • ‘However this may cause compatibility issues with other system software as well as the security risk of Trojan Horses being loaded - especially if the client software is downloaded through the Web and not installed by an IT person.’
      • ‘A Trojan Horse is a program that neither replicates nor copies itself, but causes damage or compromises the security of the computer.’
      • ‘The fear, whether justified or not, is that software developed outside our borders is more likely to have intentional security vulnerabilities, Trojan Horses or back doors than software developed inside the country.’