Definition of Tathagata in English:



  • An honorific title of a Buddha, especially the Buddha Gautama, or a person who has attained perfection by following Buddhist principles.

    • ‘The Buddha proclaimed himself a Tathagata and preached his first sermon, a momentous event in the history of Buddhism.’
    • ‘If one practices the Tathagata's esoteric garbha, he is selfless, empty, and peaceful.’
    • ‘In another poem titled ‘Painting Buddha,’ Chen observed, ‘Having painted the Tathagata [Perfect One], I wish to make a eulogy. / But if the word samadhi [concentration] is in the mouth, it is difficult to show other people.’’
    • ‘Thus the Tathagata was encouraged to start spreading the Buddha Dharma…’
    • ‘Then at the same time the Tathagata dwelt together with bodhisattvas and others in the great stupa, in the mandala of the sphere of phenomena.’


From Pali Tathāgata, from tathā ‘in that manner’ + gata ‘gone’.