Definition of Stradivarius in English:



  • A violin or other stringed instrument made by Antonio Stradivari or his followers.

    • ‘I took the dark brown instrument into my hands as carefully as him and stared at the magnificence of the flawless Stradivarius.’
    • ‘Initially the only thing Burk noticed about this man was his violin: a genuine Stradivarius.’
    • ‘Capuçon, a French violinist in his middle 20s, plays a Stradivarius that once belonged to Fritz Kreisler.’
    • ‘He is currently Professor and Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of Music, here, and performs on his precious Benvenuti, a Stradivarius dating from 1727.’
    • ‘As I entered the room, Holmes was putting away his Stradivarius into its case.’
    • ‘Being a keen musician, Nagyvary set out to see if the properties of an original Stradivarius could be recreated in a new instrument.’
    • ‘I've never even been in the same concert hall as a Stradivarius, which is a cool first all by itself.’
    • ‘Most professional violinists, even if they are famous and well-paid, can't afford a Guarneri or Stradivarius.’
    • ‘It went missing for 27 years before resurfacing in 1994 when the Stradivarius was brought in for repair and a dealer recognized the instrument.’
    • ‘It's a particularly famous Stradivarius, dating from 1714 and once the property of the great violinist Jasha Heifetz.’
    • ‘He also shares with us that the violin he plays on this CD is a 1727 Stradivarius that once belonged to Rodolphe Kreutzer.’
    • ‘A musical instrument elicits ‘an odd, emotional attachment,’ says Todd, no matter if it's a Stradivarius or a ten-buck ukulele.’
    • ‘In October 1995, as Morini lay dying in her hospital bed, her priceless Stradivarius was stolen from her apartment, as were scores, letters, and recordings.’
    • ‘Jennifer also hit the headlines after it was revealed she played Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto on a Stradivarius in the final of the competition.’
    • ‘Auction house Christie's unveiled a Stradivarius violin on Thursday that it said could fetch more than $2 million next week.’
    • ‘You can make soulless music with a Stradivarius.’
    • ‘The bidding on a Stradivarius has just closed at nearly $2 million.’
    • ‘Her commanding musicality and tonal coloration are impressively displayed on her 1716 Stradivarius - the Gold Standard.’
    • ‘She has worked with jazz musicians, commissioned new works, and is now exploring the possibilities of period instruments, restringing her Stradivarius with gut and using baroque and classical bows.’


Mid 19th century: Latinized form of Stradivari, Antonio.