Definition of Strad in English:



  • A Stradivarius.

    • ‘It's not that I've got a Strad or anything but it's not right to ask to use someone's fiddle is it?’
    • ‘He has three for Matt to compare - a Guadagnini, a violin made by Guarneri's father, and a middle-period Strad.’
    • ‘Further research reveals that he uses the Strad for baroque pieces, so I'll guess it was the other one.’
    • ‘I have heard worse cellists, loads of them, though precious few with Strads.’
    • ‘His Strad (he has one on loan) assists his serenely silvery line, and his bow arm was a joy to behold, but he didn't seem very fussed with the beginning of the concerto, one way or another.’
    • ‘There's no conductor; she directs them herself… and she's strung her Strad with gut, and plays it with a classical bow.’
    • ‘Maxim's borrowed a bigger Strad, the Archinto viola, and he's obviously taken to it.’
    • ‘Various changes of ownership followed, but by the late 1920s the Messiah was in the hands of the Hill brothers, whose London dealership could eventually claim to have seen more Strads than Tarisio.’
    • ‘Reporters were also among those who heard the Hammer being played on Thursday by American virtuoso Elizabeth Pitcairn, whose own 1720 Strad, called The Mendelssohn, is said to be the inspiration for the 1999 film The Red Violin.’
    • ‘Furthermore, at less than $10000, a Nagyvarius is a fraction of the price of a genuine Strad, and a great example of science working hand-in-hand with the arts.’


Late 19th century: abbreviation.