Definition of St Petersburg in English:

St Petersburg

proper noun

  • 1A city and seaport in north-western Russia, situated on the delta of the River Neva, on the eastern shores of the Gulf of Finland; population 4,548,800 (est. 2008).

    Founded in 1703 by Peter the Great, St Petersburg was the capital of Russia from 1712 until the Russian Revolution. It was the scene in February and October 1917 of the events which triggered the Revolution. During the Second World War it was subjected by German and Finnish forces to a siege which lasted for more than two years (1941–4)

    Former names Petrograd (1914-24) and Leningrad (1924-91)
  • 2A resort city in western Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico; population 245,314 (est. 2008).


St Petersburg