Definition of St George's cross in English:

St George's cross


  • A +-shaped cross, red on a white background (especially as a national emblem of England).

    • ‘James himself adopted the new style of King of Great Britain and designed a new flag, incorporating the St Andrew's saltire and the St George's cross.’
    • ‘Two new St George's crosses have been bought to fly from the tower of Keighley Shared Church.’
    • ‘We all wear England shirts on match days and I fly a St George's cross on my car.’
    • ‘Jenson Button has a new helmet design for this weekend's race, featuring the English St George's cross rather than the British Union Flag.’
    • ‘It's not apathy or a lack of enthusiasm, driving around Lancashire and Yorkshire this week it was almost impossible to find a car without a St George's cross attached, and very rare to find motorists who'd limited themselves to just one.’


St George's cross