Definition of Sovietologist in English:



  • A person who studies the former Soviet Union.

    • ‘Academic Russia watchers, formerly known as Sovietologists, survived the collapse.’
    • ‘In the West, former Sovietologists became ‘instant’ experts on the region and on ‘transition.’’
    • ‘From California he went to New York and studied at the Russian Institute at Columbia University where he became associated with Abram Bergson, a preeminent Sovietologist.’
    • ‘His complaint, voiced at the end of the book, that current insular research and publishing habits of Sovietologists and Americanists have led to impartial and sometimes flawed analyses, has considerable merit.’
    • ‘Turgeon identified the peak of his career as a Sovietologist as his sojourn at Moscow State University as a Fulbright-Hays scholar in the fall of 1978.’
    • ‘In the 1950s and 60s, Marxist-Leninist rhetoric was looked at askance even by professional Sovietologists, few of whom accepted that the Party could produce real believers.’
    • ‘He is the elder son of the renowned Sovietologist who left an important mark on the politics of the cold war - and perhaps the current era as well.’
    • ‘During my many years as a Sovietologist, I got to know not a few ex-Communists, some of whom became good friends.’
    • ‘This is an echo of the position taken by Jaques Sapir, the French Sovietologist and economist.’
    • ‘They should go back and read what Sovietologists were saying as recently as the 1980's.’
    • ‘It was the mischievous irony of historical proportions and not the accumulated wisdom of Sovietologists that celebrated its triumph.’