Definition of Solomon's seal in English:

Solomon's seal


  • 1A figure like the Star of David.

    • ‘Morocco's flag consists of a red field with a green five-pointed star - known as Solomon's seal - in its center.’
    • ‘When the French took control in 1912, a five-pointed linear known as Solomon's seal was placed on the flag in order to distinguish the nation's flag from others.’
  • 2A widely distributed plant of the lily family, having arching stems that bear a double row of broad leaves with drooping green and white flowers in their axils.

    Genus Polygonatum, family Liliaceae: many species

    • ‘The forest has not been cut for 300 years, and I found myself surrounded by ground flora such as Solomon's seal, lily of the valley, yellow wood anemone, toothwort, asarabacca, herb paris and hepatica.’
    • ‘A few members, such as Asparagus and Solomon's seal, have leaves attached along the stem.’
    • ‘A few spring wildflowers persist, such as doll's eyes, Solomon's seal, and false Solomon's seal.’
    • ‘‘Companion’ plants that indicate a good site include Jack-in-the-pulpit, bloodroot, Solomon's seal, jewel weed, galax, trillium, wild yam, hepatica, black cohosh, and wild ginger.’
    • ‘The wildflowers, many of which bloom in May, include waterleaf, wild ginger, red trillium, Jack-in-the-pulpit, smooth and woolly blue violet, Solomon's seal, false Solomon's seal, and enchanter's nightshade.’