Definition of Siksika in English:


plural noun

  • The northernmost of the three peoples forming the Blackfoot confederacy.

    • ‘After reading Windspeaker and selecting articles to share at administration meetings with school principals, the newspaper is forwarded to our schools offering instruction to Siksika students.’
    • ‘I feel that whenever any one of us Nation members go somewhere we go as an ambassador for the Siksika Nation, and I am honored to represent the Siksika people and to uphold them in prayer on this day.’
    • ‘The Blood, Siksika, and Piegan freely intermarried, spoke a common language, shared the same cultural traits, and fought the same enemies.’
    • ‘Transported to Rocky View hospital with minor injuries were a 17-year-old Siksika girl, an 18-year-old Siksika woman and a 53-year-old man from Calgary.’
    • ‘The minister left the school after a short press conference that followed Stimson's remarks and attended a community meeting at the Siksika community centre.’
    • ‘‘Through your knowledge and through your pain,’ said Butch Wolf Leg on behalf of the Siksika chief and council, ‘I hope that we may have gained something.’’


From Blackfoot siksi- ‘black’ + ka- ‘foot’.