Definition of Shabbos in English:


(also Shabbes)


  • (among Ashkenazic Jews) the Sabbath.

    ‘we didn't cook on Shabbos’
    Compare with Shabbat
    as exclamation ‘Good Shabbos, Mr Schoen’
    • ‘I came with the yeshiva to wish patients a good Shabbos.’
    • ‘The men are at shul, welcoming the Shabbos as if she were a bride, with the words bo'i kallah.’
    • ‘You want one for the Shabbes and one for the holiday.’
    • ‘This is, by no means, to suggest that those in positions of power and decision - making should just pray to God, eat strictly kosher food, keep the Shabbos and hope for the best.’
    • ‘But they never had that connection like I did ‘cause their moms didn't light Shabbos candles like my mom.’
    • ‘In desperation he turns toward heaven and says, ‘God, if you find me a parking place, I promise that I'll eat only kosher, keep Shabbos, and all the holidays.’’
    • ‘She is wandering through the marketplace, pondering what to cook for Shabbes.’
    • ‘That night, after the Shabbos evening meal, the peace dissolved.’
    • ‘They've been advised not to cut her off, so they call her every Friday night, wish her a ‘Gut Shabbes,’ and hang up.’
    • ‘If all that the child hears from the father is the difficulty that the father endures in regard to Shabbos and Yom Tov, then all that the child will learn is that he must stand up to tests.’
    • ‘Approximately 14 years ago I was invited to a co-workers home for Shabbos.’
    • ‘My daily trips to the Wall (which on Shabbos involved a 45-minute walk each way) solidified my commitment to confront these issues and resolve them.’
    • ‘The next scene is the weekly Shabbes dinner cooked by Diane, whom Gabe calls mamele while denying her full-fledged Jewish status.’
    • ‘It has been said, ‘Even more than Israel has kept the Shabbos, the Shabbos has kept Israel.’’
    • ‘Mikey encouraged his parents to attend a cousin's Shabbos bat mitzvah in Teaneck less than a month ago.’
    • ‘My mom says I have to have a shower now - I'll come back later, but I'll have my Shabbos clothes on so we'll have to play inside.’
    • ‘Then came page 212, and Paul, and then the two kids, and the ditching of the career in favor of the tender lighting of the Shabbes candles with little Jacob.’
    • ‘‘I won't work anymore on Saturday,’ the son insisted, ‘because my wife wants us to go to synagogue on Shabbos.’’
    • ‘Did Rabbi Weinberg really enjoy pickled tomatoes on Shabbos?’


Yiddish, from Hebrew šabbāṯ.