Definition of Scottie in English:



  • 1A Scottish terrier.

    • ‘Our two-month-old Scottie suffers frequently from hiccups.’
    • ‘The Scottie makes a fine watchdog and is completely loyal and loving.’
    • ‘The West Highland Terrier is a friendly, happy dog, and its personality is unlike the rather wary Scottie which can sometimes appear to be leery of strangers.’
    • ‘Many will remember seeing her walking with her Scottie dog locally, especially in Sheen Common and Richmond Park.’
    • ‘Fred needs to keep busy, because Ginger's given up men for dogs, a little Scottie that she takes for walks on deck.’
  • 2Used as a nickname for a Scotsman.

    • ‘Amber had no idea why she was crying, but had she confided in a certain Scottie she might have found out.’