Definition of SIFI in English:



  • A financial institution regarded as so important to the economy that its failure could lead to a widespread economic crisis.

    ‘G20 finance ministers endorsed a comprehensive framework to reduce the risks posed by SIFIs’
    • ‘There had been talk that the bank sought to be included on the Sifi list as a way of showing that it was part of the global elite.’
    • ‘I will say a few words about the Committee's view and the actions we have taken on SIFIs that have been strongly influenced by recent experience.’
    • ‘t is expected that the Basel committee will issue guidance on SIFIs (systemically important financial institutions) in the fourth quarter of this year.’
    • ‘Under the proposed rules, identifying systemically important financial institutions other than banks - in short, nonbank SIFIs - will normally be a sequential three-stage process.’
    • ‘The more important the SIFI, the higher the surcharge it will have to pay.’
    • ‘I suggest that the problem with SIFIs is they are fundamentally inconsistent with capitalism.’
    • ‘Now they are turning their sights to so-called domestic SIFIs, banks deemed big enough to cause harm to their country's financial system should they run into trouble.’
    • ‘The minimum leverage capital requirement for SIFIs should be increased to a level well above the current requirement of five percent for well-capitalized institutions.’
    • ‘It may be designated a non-bank SIFI under a Financial Stability Oversight Council proposal.’
    • ‘McCarty has tried to reframe the debate over the too-big-too fail issue with systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs) by saying, instead, that the key term should not be "too big to fail," but rather, “too big to bail.”’


Early 21st century: acronym from systemically important financial institution.