Definition of sac in English:



  • 1A hollow, flexible structure resembling a bag or pouch.

    ‘a fountain pen with an ink sac’
    • ‘Reseal the plastic sac and leave it rocking for 1 h at room temperature.’
    • ‘The production of the plastic sac requires the use of the special production facilities, whereas the filling of the plastic sac with a specific kind of gas also calls for the use of the special equipment.’
    • ‘Rain Reviva is a system of flexible plastic sacs for storing rainwater - or recycling waste water - under the house.’
    • ‘As the air filled the sac, the balloon took on an impossibly long shape.’
    bag, pouch, bladder, blister
    bursa, acinus, follicle, cyst, saccule, utricle, vesicle, vesica, vesicula, theca, liposome
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    1. 1.1A cavity within an organism, enclosed by a membrane and containing air, liquid, or solid structures.
      • ‘For example, the tiny air sacs in lungs expand more than seven times when you inhale.’
      • ‘The female was fed one cricket per day until an egg sac was produced.’
      • ‘The amniotic sac that contains your baby begins to form about 12 days after conception.’
      • ‘At 8:30 AM, the obstetrician manually broke the patient's amniotic fluid sac in an effort to speed up labor.’
      • ‘If chemicals are splashed into the eye, the eye and the conjunctival sacs should be washed out immediately with copious amounts of water.’
      • ‘Fistulas commonly extend from the rectal sac to the perineum or genital tract in a female, or to the urinary tract in a male.’
      • ‘In the field of biology, biochemists have been studying vesicles, the small membrane sacs found within cells.’
      • ‘Worst bit: having to take out the squid's ink sac.’
      • ‘This is particularly noticeable in the knee and hip where we have big fluid sacs.’
      • ‘Tests have also shown that if a needle is placed into the sac and touches the baby, the baby feels pain and will immediately move away.’
      • ‘And I think the blisters resemble pomelo pulp sacs.’
      • ‘In human beings, the testis is located outside the body in the scrotal sac.’
      • ‘Sepia comes from the Greek word for the rich reddish-brown pigment obtained from a fluid that is secreted by the cuttlefish from their ink sac.’
      • ‘The yolk sac was completely absorbed, but the site of attachment was still visible.’
      • ‘‘Surfactant keeps the tiny air sacs in the lungs open,’ Hein says.’
      • ‘Each anther cone was gently agitated to release the pollen sacs into the dye solution.’
      • ‘The ink sac can make cleaning the squid a bit messy, but all it needs is a good rinse and it's gone.’
      • ‘These protein and lipid molecules are then transported inside lysosomes -- minute, balloon-like sacs within the cell.’
      • ‘Scientists also suspect that air pollutants might dampen the growth of alveoli, tiny air sacs in the lungs.’
      • ‘Fish make the popping noises by sending air through different chambers of their swim bladders, the inflatable sacs that help fish float.’
    2. 1.2The distended membrane surrounding a hernia, cyst, or tumour.
      • ‘On physical examination, a swollen, fluid-filled sac is noted and palpated over the olecranon.’
      • ‘Essentially, an ovarian cyst is nothing more than a fluid-filled sac, like a blister, on an ovary.’
      • ‘This procedure meant cutting directly into the back of the knee, tying the damaged artery above and below the aneurysm and scraping out the blood-filled sac.’
      • ‘Prior to this Claudius Amyand, physician to Queen Anne, in 1736 successfully removed an acutely inflamed appendix from inside the hernial sac of a young boy.’
      • ‘A visit to the local hospital did not improve matters as the doctor inadvertently punctured a small sac in his elbow which required extensive treatment back in Melbourne.’
      • ‘Alternatively, they can be drained with a needle and syringe, although the sac of the hydrocele may fill with fluid again after a few months.’
      • ‘In the vicinity of this mass, there was a hernia sac.’
      • ‘A cyst is a fluid-filled sac that can grow in any part of the body.’
      • ‘In the distal folds of the hernia sac, a small erosion was noted.’
      • ‘They are swollen, fluid-filled sacs which often become enlarged and painful.’
      • ‘If there is a recurrence (which unfortunately does often happen) then operative removal of the cyst and its sac becomes necessary.’
      • ‘If the leak persists or the aneurysmal sac enlarges, intervention becomes necessary.’
      • ‘As people get older, fluid-filled sacs, called ‘cysts,’ can form in the kidneys.’
      • ‘A breast cyst is a fluid-filled sac, like a tiny balloon, inside the breast.’
      • ‘PCOS is a hormone problem that can cause the ovaries to become enlarged and develop fluid-filled sacs.’


Mid 18th century (as a term in biology): from French sac or Latin saccus sack, bag.




Definition of SAC in English:


  • Senior Aircraftman or Senior Aircraftwoman.