Main definitions of ranger in English

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  • 1A keeper of a park, forest, or area of countryside.

    ‘park rangers’
    • ‘When they arrive in Kenya, the group will be split into four teams, which includes doctors and National Park rangers.’
    • ‘Park rangers regularly patrol the area and in the summer months they cover it up to 10 pm.’
    • ‘I have informed the park rangers and we are going to do some later patrols.’
    • ‘There are about 250 police officers from more than a dozen law enforcement agencies, from park rangers to FBI agents.’
    • ‘Frank Pickles has been a park ranger with the North York Moors National Parks Authority for 12 years.’
    • ‘Follow this uphill for about a mile before turning left along a minor lane that leads to the car park by the ranger's office and toilets.’
    • ‘That was not a secret in the city, and the police and park rangers turned a blind eye.’
    • ‘Park rangers offer interpretive tours of the battlefield, and the visitor center holds a small museum.’
    • ‘Judge Cicconetti made sure park rangers were checking up on her.’
    • ‘He led officers on a chase and crashed into a park ranger's car on Golf Links Road in East Oakland.’
    • ‘People who work outside or in wooded areas, such as park rangers and construction workers, are at most risk of getting Lyme disease.’
    • ‘The 25000-acre park is maintained by Dúchas, through the Department of the Environment and employs seven full-time park rangers.’
    • ‘Lake District National Park Authority rangers will be on their bikes and inviting guests to join them as they explore cycle tracks and bridleways around the area on Monday.’
    • ‘He said he was questioned over an alleged incident between him and a Lake District National Park Authority ranger.’
    • ‘A passer-by made a desperate attempt to locate the boys, followed by a park ranger and a police officer who was on the scene within about five minutes.’
    • ‘Park rangers and police from the nearby town of Jabiru searched through the night for the woman after the leader of the nine-member tour group called them using a satellite phone.’
    • ‘Most students were restless while the park ranger explained about the animals in the area.’
    • ‘Scientists, park wardens, and park rangers read the gauges.’
    • ‘During the trip, one of the kids is bitten by a snake and their guide, the park ranger, heads back to base for a serum.’
    • ‘Bradford's high-profile park rangers have helped to catch 400 truants, working with police in 16 operations in the past year.’
    custodian, keeper, guardian, protector, preserver, curator
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  • 2A member of a body of armed men.

    • ‘Some will opt for police community support officers and some for privately-run rangers.’
    • ‘The blue uniformed rangers rode in perfect formation as they focused their military might on the outlaws.’
    • ‘In 1862 the Confederate government attempted to gain control of the guerrillas by enrolling some of them as ‘partisan rangers.’’
    • ‘Paramilitary rangers were deployed to restore order.’
    • ‘Local government bodies are hiring rangers to enforce by-laws designed to preserve public order.’
    • ‘Twenty feet away, three rangers wearing military fatigues and toting rifles sat outside a metal yurt.’
    • ‘As squads of paramilitary rangers and local police fanned out around the building, they came under intense fire from automatic weapons fired through the windows of the flat on the fifth floor.’
    • ‘Putnam's service as a ranger, his capture and torture by Indians, his shipwreck and exploits during the British invasion of Cuba won him military laurels.’
    • ‘A former member of the Virginia legislature as well as a militia captain and commissioned leader of partisan rangers, Peregrine Hays was forty-one years old at the time of his capture.’
    • ‘When intelligence discovered the time and place of a meeting of his lieutenants, a plan was devised to take them by surprise with helicopter rangers aided by ground troops.’
    • ‘In 1675 Maryland abandoned the pretense of a militia and shifted to reliance on paid rangers, though they rarely called upon them.’
    • ‘Its paramilitary rangers yesterday said they had foiled a major attack bid in the restive port city of Karachi, recovering a huge cache of weapons but making no arrests.’
    • ‘Hundreds of police and paramilitary rangers were deployed at key installations.’
    1. 2.1 A mounted soldier.
    2. 2.2US A commando.
      • ‘The renowned Scout Rangers of the Philippine army, modeled on the US army rangers, will be the model for Taiwan's military to learn about real combat experience in counter-terrorism.’
      • ‘That will be the dangerous business of Army rangers, Marine expeditionary units, and other special forces.’
      • ‘During her visit to the camp, President McAleese laid a wreath in honour of Sergeant Derek Mooney, the army ranger who died in a car crash in Liberia last year.’
      • ‘It was a soldier, an army ranger with a machine gun.’
      • ‘Army ranger Lt. Colonel Mucci stars as a young officer handpicked by MacArthur to lead the raid.’
      • ‘From Chicago, we are joined now by retired Brigadier General David Grange, who during his 30-year military career, served as a ranger and a green beret.’
  • 3British A member of the senior branch of the Guides.

  • 4A person or thing that wanders over a particular area.

    ‘rangers of the mountains’
    • ‘The whole of them were clad like outlaws or rangers of the lands, except for the commanders of each company, and three who rode in the very front.’




Main definitions of ranger in English

: ranger1Ranger2


proper noun

  • A series of nine American moon probes launched between 1961 and 1965, the last three of which took many photographs before crashing into the moon.