Definition of Queen's highway in English:

Queen's highway


mass nounBritish
  • The public road network, regarded as being under royal protection.

    ‘these paths are part of the Queen's highway and those who obstruct them are breaking the law’
    • ‘The emanations of the state will be warned that I am no longer allowed on the Queen's highway, and any breach of the ban will be an imprisonable offence.’
    • ‘People who have blocked roads (for example) deprive other members of the public of their democratic right to have free access to the Queen's highway.’
    • ‘I never want to be commanded, by any emanation of the British state, to produce evidence of my identity, when I am doing nothing more than amble down the Queen's highway, and breathing God's fresh air.’
    • ‘The residents have paid for these roads through taxes for the cars and it is after all the Queen's highway.’
    • ‘Then we look at the twaddle they claim for blocking the Queen's highway: their children can't get to a community centre.’