Definition of Philly in English:



  • Philadelphia.

    • ‘If he does, look out, Atlanta and Philly.’
    • ‘We didn't come from Philly, but we did come from the burbs.’
    • ‘He is campaigning for Barack Obama this afternoon in Philly.’
    • ‘Is Providence becoming a great restaurant town like Philly is becoming a great restaurant city?’
    • ‘We drove down to Philly to be part of their 215 Literary festival.’
    • ‘He tells one story of raw sewage from Philly being dumped in the Bahamas.’
    • ‘There was another small family (father with a young son and daughter) also on the platform headed for Philly.’
    • ‘Nigel Richards is the man behind the 611 Records dance-music empire, and one of Philly's best DJ exports.’
    • ‘We have to do that in Boston and New York and Philly.’
    • ‘Philly has lots of good restaurants, and a tasty meal at Lula after the show was exactly what I needed.’
    • ‘They often choose places close to commercial thoroughfares like Broad Street in North Philly or West Philly's vibrant, chaotic Fifty-Second Street.’
    • ‘Slot machines are coming to Philly.’
    • ‘The race in Philly almost always unfolds in the same manner.’
    • ‘My point isn't that Philly is an awful place.’
    • ‘The schedules called for four nights in Philly at the Republican Convention, or a four-game set in Bridgeport against the Bluefish.’
    • ‘I knew about them coming to Philly about two months before it was announced.’
    • ‘If you live in Philly, one of America's great papers is on the stands now: The Independent.’
    • ‘Who was your favorite player as a kid growing up in Philly?’
    • ‘US Airways accounts for about two-thirds of Philly's travelers each year.’
    • ‘"You're not in Philly anymore, you're in Detroit."’