Definition of Persian carpet in English:

Persian carpet

(also Persian rug)


  • A carpet or rug woven in Iran in a traditional design incorporating stylized symbolic imagery, or made elsewhere in such a style.

    • ‘He was at that time inspired by designs for Persian carpets and oversize clothes.’
    • ‘Cedric paced around a Persian rug with his hands behind his back.’
    • ‘He almost tripped over a thick Persian rug on the way in.’
    • ‘A fine Persian rug of a delicate design rests upon the floor.’
    • ‘It was a lovely room, with thick red curtains and Persian rugs.’
    • ‘He appears to be influenced by the designs of Persian rugs, by musical scores and by the Pattern & Decoration movement.’
    • ‘The woolen, semi-antique Persian carpet was woven in Tabriz.’
    • ‘At the first signs of heat, people roll up their Persian rugs and carpeting and store them away in mothballs for at least 5 months.’
    • ‘These officials, in return, showered many expensive gifts on the crew such as wrist watches, Persian rugs and other items which they were unable to carry in the airplane.’
    • ‘Let's say that Persian rugs become hugely fashionable and inexpensive.’
    • ‘He collected Persian rugs, small antique silver pieces, and antique maps.’
    • ‘It boasts of several Islamic style arches, Italian marble, Persian carpets, exquisite woodwork, large garden, two dining rooms and six bedrooms.’
    • ‘After skiing, warm up with hot toddies in the log lodge, cozy with its Persian rugs, overstuffed chairs, slope-facing windows, and 175-ton stone fireplace.’
    • ‘Some of the most beautiful Persian carpets were woven in the nineteenth century.’
    • ‘I almost feel like going out and buying a Persian rug myself.’
    • ‘Nearly everything including the Persian rug was either pink or white.’
    • ‘Approaching the entryway, however, she slowed her silent pace on the luxurious Persian rugs so that she could take a few moments to observe.’
    • ‘We've been sleeping on their Persian rugs, sitting in their antique chairs and redecorating their walls with our posters (using university-approved poster tacks, of course).’
    • ‘There were real hardwood floors with fine Persian rugs scattered about.’
    • ‘We used the money to barter, badly, for cheap Persian rugs, stale aftershaves and fool's gold.’


Persian carpet