Definition of permanent undersecretary in English:

permanent undersecretary

(also permanent secretary)


  • (in the UK) a senior civil servant who is a permanent adviser to a Secretary of State.

    • ‘All staff in the audited departments were known by given names, from the Permanent Secretary to the messenger.’
    • ‘The Permanent Secretary pointed to the need for all stakeholders to develop and strengthen collaboration in their foray against environmental degradation.’
    • ‘The Permanent Secretary walked back into the room, looked at his deputy and he said, ‘Everything OK?’’
    • ‘‘Either the Permanent Secretary or the Prime Minister is not telling the truth,’ he intoned ominously.’
    • ‘The current Permanent Secretary has already made a start: widening the pool of recruitment to bring in senior staff with a greater level of expertise.’
    • ‘‘What we want is something which the public wants, is incredibly popular and is free,’ says the Permanent Secretary.’
    • ‘The Permanent Secretary is said to have a close working relationship with the First Minister.’
    • ‘They said their efforts to seek redress from other officials like the Permanent Secretary and the Commissioner had been fruitless.’
    • ‘The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry in question revealed this at the start of a four-day induction workshop for newly appointed officers of the Ministry.’
    • ‘Don't call the Permanent Secretary when it comes to planning, pray first.’
    • ‘Hard-working, clear-headed and competent, he would have made a fine Permanent Secretary.’
    • ‘And on that first day I'll see the Permanent Secretary.’
    • ‘Would you consider that she should instead invite you to dinner with her Permanent Secretary and three or four senior officials?’
    • ‘I recall that in the 1950s some enterprising spirits asked the Permanent Secretary if some relaxation of this rule could be allowed.’
    • ‘The Permanent Secretary explained that his province has for some time now been working on the tourism investment paper which explains possible tourism investment centers.’
    • ‘The report by the task force instituted by the Permanent Secretary further indicates that 70 reports of crop damage by elephants had been reported between January 1 and February 28.’
    • ‘The Department now has three Ministers in addition to the Lord Chancellor and two Permanent Secretaries.’
    • ‘Several reports have been circulating about sour relationships existing between the present Permanent Secretary and many sporting authorities, local and foreign alike.’
    • ‘I was attending a meeting in Bedford about something utterly mundane when, at noon, I received a call from my Permanent Secretary.’
    • ‘This is precisely where the permanence of Permanent Secretaries triumphs over the necessarily temporary nature of Governments.’


permanent undersecretary