Definition of Peigan in English:


(also Piegan)


  • A member of a North American Indian people of the Blackfoot confederacy.

    • ‘The Blackfoot Nation is actually a confederation of several distinct tribes, including the South Piegan, the Blood, the North Piegan, and the North Blackfoot.’
    • ‘En route to join to rest of the expedition, they had their first and only encounter with Blackfeet, in which two Piegans were killed.’
    • ‘White Calf, one of the leaders of the southern Piegans, remembered the Blackfeet wandering around, not knowing where they were going or where they were.’
    • ‘Some, such as the Doctor, a Peigan who conducts aboriginal awareness training workshops for social service agencies in Calgary, debates whether any movement actually exists.’
    • ‘Five tribes - Tsuu T'ina, Blackfoot, Blood, Peigan and Stoney - will set up camp for 10 exhausting days at the Stampede.’


From Blackfoot Piikániwa.