Definition of Palaeotropical in English:


(US Paleotropical)


  • 1Relating to or denoting a phytogeographical kingdom comprising Africa, tropical Asia, New Guinea, and many Pacific islands (excluding Australia and New Zealand).

    • ‘The tropical rainforests of Queensland have species with mainly Palaeotropical affinities.’
    • ‘This five-year project, which started in mid-2003, is investigating the changes that took place in Palaeotropical terrestrial habitats towards the end of the Moscovian Age.’
    1. 1.1Zoology Relating to or denoting a zoogeographical region comprising the tropical parts of the Old World.
      • ‘Fifteen species of neotropical and three species of Paleotropical bats are known either to roost. in or to make tents in over 80 species of vascular plants.’
      • ‘Although less intensively studied than Nearctic species, numerous Palearctic and Paleotropical species also utter flight calls.’
      • ‘For a distribution to be Palaeotropical a taxon must occur in tropical regions on both continents in the Old World, i.e. in Africa and Asia.’