Main definitions of pir in English

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  • A Muslim saint or holy man.

    • ‘People go to the mosque to pray and light candles and also visit the tombs of pir (holy men) to make a wish.’
    • ‘Built in 1650, it is attributed to a pir named Abdul Karim, who was more popularly known as Sheikh Chehli among the local inhabitants.’
    • ‘Almost all cultures that have benevolent images of magic-workers - shamans, healers, pirs, saints - also have malevolent ones.’
    • ‘They believe that the pir's gravesite is full of blessings, and they attend at shrines to pray to God for favors.’
    • ‘He is running from Hala in Sindh, and since he is the pir or saint of Hala, he will certainly win his seat.’


From Persian pīr ‘old man’.




Main definitions of pir in English

: pir1PIR2


  • Passive infrared (denoting a type of sensor).