Definition of Owen gun in English:

Owen gun


  • A sub-machine gun widely used by Australian soldiers during the Second World War.

    ‘a posse went out, armed to the teeth with Owen guns’
    • ‘I carried a 303 rifle or Owen gun and a couple of packs of Army biscuits.’
    • ‘He kept firing his Owen gun until the front of the barrel blew off.’
    • ‘He was able to move to a nearby peasant's hut where he cleared his Owen gun, which had become jammed with mud during the crash.’
    • ‘The actual pick-up was virtually in the dark with the helicopter crewman nailing one determined enemy soldier with a burst of Owen-gun fire from the doorway!’
    • ‘An Australian-designed Owen gun, a German-issued submachine gun, and a paratrooper's M1 carbine were among 19,000 firearms handed in during a three-month amnesty in Queensland.’


1940s: named after Evelyn Owen (1915–49), its Australian inventor.