Definition of Old English sheepdog in English:

Old English sheepdog


  • A large sheepdog of a breed with a shaggy blue-grey and white coat.

    • ‘The Old English sheepdog, as breed aficionado and author D.R. Segal has written, ‘requires more attention than any other animal on Earth with the possible exception of a thoroughbred horse.’’
    • ‘But before breakfast we usually go for a walk with the dog, our second Old English sheepdog, looking out for deer and wild boar, wild orchids and mushrooms.’
    • ‘Lambluv's Desert Dancer, is the top winning Old English sheepdog in the history of the breed with 64 blue ribbons.’
    • ‘My Old English sheepdog is always rubbing against the couch and rolling around on the carpet.’
    • ‘My Old English sheepdog has developed a very bad habit of using his snout to pop open the lid of our trash can in the kitchen - and then helping himself to whatever's inside.’


Old English sheepdog