Definition of Official Solicitor in English:

Official Solicitor


  • (in the UK) an officer of the Supreme Court who intervenes to protect the interests of children or those with a disability.

    • ‘Later this month, the Official Solicitor will be representing the children of a man convicted of possessing child pornography.’
    • ‘But within a matter of days Mr Harris had written to the Official Solicitor from prison.’
    • ‘The Official Solicitor is currently acting in around 1,200 civil claims.’
    • ‘In their submissions, the claimants, supported by the Attorney General and the Official Solicitor, relied upon the common law right to confidence.’
    • ‘These decisions are taken according to what the court sees as the interests of the child, and the child will normally be represented by the Official Solicitor.’
    • ‘My Lord, perhaps by the same date the Official Solicitor could also indicate whether any claim for damages is pursued on behalf of the child.’
    • ‘A planned general strike in their support was called off only after the intervention of the Official Solicitor.’
    • ‘Some guidance is given in relation to sterilization operations by a practice note issued by the Official Solicitor.’
    • ‘Nick said he understood that the Official Solicitor had a duty to protect the interests of people who could not represent themselves.’
    • ‘It is, as the Official Solicitor said, a benign jurisdiction.’
    • ‘My Lord, the position of the Official Solicitor is that, certainly the prime purpose of his participation in these proceedings was not to secure damages.’
    • ‘The patient should be represented by the Official Solicitor, and any previously expressed views would need to be considered.’
    • ‘But surely judges pay a great deal of attention to what the Official Solicitor is recommending?’
    • ‘But the Official Solicitor no longer represents the child in such cases.’
    • ‘An obscure legal official, the Official Solicitor, suddenly appeared, and the courts decided the three dockers should not be jailed.’
    • ‘This time Newman asked the Official Solicitor of the (British) Supreme Court to intervene.’
    • ‘Giving his first interview since becoming Official Solicitor a year ago, he tells me of another ground-breaking problem that has recently landed on his desk.’
    • ‘This will usually be by the Official Solicitor and, even if it is not, the Official Solicitor will be an independent party.’
    • ‘I discharged the Official Solicitor for the reasons set out in paragraphs [ 281 ] - [ 285 ] of that judgment.’
    • ‘Although the Official Solicitor has some funding of his own, he must apply for legal aid on behalf of his clients if they cannot afford to litigate.’