Definition of Norwalk virus in English:

Norwalk virus


  • A virus which can cause epidemics of severe gastroenteritis.

    • ‘Enteric viruses primarily include the diarrhea-causing Rotavirus, Norwalk virus, and other Calciviruses.’
    • ‘Twenty staff and patients on a ward at York District Hospital have been struck down by a stomach virus, being treated as the Norwalk virus, causing vomiting, diarrhoea and fever.’
    • ‘Researches at the University of Arizona State University are attempting to create a vaccine for the Norwalk virus by inserting genes from the virus into tomatoes.’
    • ‘Gastroenteritis is caused by a group of viruses called noroviruses, or the Norwalk virus.’
    • ‘The virus, which is similar to the notorious Norwalk virus, was brought into the hospital from the community around two weeks ago and since then around 80 to 100 staff and patients have been affected, although some have recovered.’


1970s: from Norwalk, a town in Ohio where an outbreak of gastroenteritis occurred from which the virus was isolated.


Norwalk virus