Definition of Nibelung in English:



  • 1(in Germanic mythology) a member of a Scandinavian race of dwarfs, owners of a hoard of gold and magic treasures, who were ruled by Nibelung, king of Nibelheim (land of mist).

    • ‘One more time, for the more than half-century that he has ruled with an iron fist over his grandfather's heritage, like the dragon of the Ring over the Nibelung's gold.’
    • ‘Here we see Alberich in his new incarnation as the heartless master of Nibelheim, mercilessly sweating his fellow dwarfs, the Nibelungs, in an immense gold factory.’
    • ‘Das Rheingold tells the story of the stealing of the gold of the Rhine maidens by Alberich, king of the Nibelungs, and the forging and theft (by Wotan) of the magic ring.’
    • ‘He uses it to set up a dictatorship over the Nibelung dwarves, who become his slaves, mining ceaselessly for more gold.’
    • ‘This lode gold is the stuff worked by legendary dwellers below the earth, like the dwarf who forged the treasure of the Nibelungs.’
  • 2(in the Nibelungenlied) a supporter of Siegfried, or one of the Burgundians who stole the hoard from him.

    • ‘Hagen told Gunther how Siegfried won treasure from the Nibelungs, two brothers and mighty princes named Schilbung and Nibelung.’
    • ‘The original oral story of Munding Laya is similar - or at least has a similar spirit - to Beowulf in old English literature or Siegfried and The Knights of Nibelungen of Germany.’


Old High German, from nibel ‘mist’ + the patronymic ending -ung.