Definition of Ngoni in English:


nounPlural ngonis, Plural Ngonis

  • 1A member of a people now living chiefly in Malawi.

    • ‘Recollectively, in the 1940-60s, the mining companies drew their employees chiefly from such impassive ethnics as Bemba, Lala, Ngoni, Namwanga, Mambwe, and later from the Kaonde tribe.’
    • ‘It may be over 25 years since the N'cwala ceremony was revived but what is more exciting is that the Ngonis are determined to continue chanting BAYETE!’
    • ‘The Ngonis boast of Sports Council of Zambia chairman Julius Sakala, hard hitting Brian Moyo, Matthew Nkhuwa, Mwanza and team ‘technical adviser’ David Phiri who will offer moral support to his tribesmen.’
    • ‘Our traditional ceremonies like the Mutomboko of the Lunda in Luapula, Bu-ilile of the Bwile people, N'cwala of the Ngoni, Likumbi lya mize of the Luvale and many others should also be supported and funded.’
    • ‘The crossing of the Ngoni, one of the biggest tribes fleeing from the marauding impis of Shaka Zulu, coincided with an eclipse of the sun.’
    • ‘We, the under-signed Ngonis, have noticed the resistance in the current committee's commitment to holding a general meeting and also have a strong desire to win this season's Ngoni-Bemba tournament.’
    • ‘When the Ngonis arrived in Eastern Province after clashes with the Bembas, they crossed the Muchinga Escarpment, upon which they thrashed all the tribes they found.’
    • ‘Back home tribal wars in Southern Africa saw stronger tribes like the Ngonis and Bembas defeating smaller tribes and imposing their cultures on them.’
    • ‘It is also good to note that the Ngoni people of Zambia fall under Paramount Chief Mpezeni whereas the Ngoni of Malawi are under Paramount Chief Mbwerwa.’
    • ‘Unip area member of Parliament, Lucas Phiri said this after the death of Chief Kapatamoyo, 39, of the Ngoni last week.’
    • ‘Four cultural/linguistic groups have dominated its history: the Bemba, the Tonga, the Ngoni, and the Lozi.’
    • ‘Malawian traditional leaders were led by Paramount Chief Mzimbi IV while Zambia's Mpezeni of the Ngoni was also present.’
    • ‘The Ngoni, originally from South Africa, escaped from the Boers and Zulus and settled in Eastern Zambia around 1850-1870.’
    • ‘Chewas and Ngonis he said formed a large community in Africa but times had changed and people were abandoning culture and tradition.’
    • ‘Among the major ethnic groups are Chewa, Nyanja, Tumbuko, Yao, Lomwe, Sena, Tonga, Ngoni, Ngonde, Asians, and Europeans.’
  • 2A kind of traditional African drum.

    • ‘And there's some delightfully crunchy interplay of guitar and the small banjo-like ngoni on ‘Yambo’.’
    • ‘Issa Bagayogo comes from a farming family in southern Mali and discovered his love of the instruments that were available to him, namely the kamele ngoni.’
    • ‘One composition may highlight the possibilities of the balafon whilst another concentrates on the ngoni or Kora.’
    • ‘The ngoni players fought, traded licks, and twisted notes, invoking Zoot Horn Rollo and Winged-Eel Fingerling of the Magic Band, with simultaneous parts of Sabicas and Segovia.’
    • ‘Apart from some ngoni (the four-stringed West African lute, considered to be a precursor of the banjo) on Green, Ali is usually accompanied by the click and boom of calabash, played by his long term sidekick, Hamma Sankare.’
    • ‘She showcases traditional instruments such as: balafon (wooden xylophone), kora (a highly resonant harp-like instrument with 21-25 strings), ngoni and an occasional electrified bass, plus the guitar and percussion.’


  • Relating to the Ngoni.

    • ‘Bemba committee chairperson Viano Kapoka said his team would take advantage of the confusion in the Ngoni camp to retain next year's title.’
    • ‘But despite the Ngoni being one of the biggest tribal groupings in the area, not only in Zambia but the entire region, they do not have a common royal establishment under one Ngoni traditional leader.’
    • ‘They came primarily from the Luba and Lunda tribes of southern Democratic Republic of Congo and northern Angola but were joined in the 19th century by Ngoni peoples from the south.’
    • ‘A Dutch 18th Century walnut marquetry bureau cabinet made £16, 800, a Maori whalebone hand club £4,150, a Kalabari-Ijo wooden dance headdress £5,000, and an Ngoni neckrest £7,000.’
    • ‘She has sung Ngoni songs and we did contemporary support to the songs.’
    • ‘Nchingilizya implies shield, a kind of protection which the Chewa people used as a crater to hide from the marauding Ngoni impis.’
    • ‘One of the Chief's Elders comes once a week to teach the children Ngoni law and custom, they learn tribal dances, and we hope before long to arrange for the teaching of Ngoni handicrafts.’
    • ‘I would be in Ngoni attire.’
    • ‘Some of the sites included graves of German soldiers in Old Fife protected forests, bunkers and trenches used by the soldiers during the second world war and the Ngoni warrior Zwangendaba's grave near Kapwila.’
    • ‘Chief Madzimawi of the Ngoni people in Chipata has appealed to the New Deal Government to provide clean and safe drinking water in his chiefdom.’
    • ‘Addressing the gathering, Chief Mbelwa who led the Malawi delegation also reminded the people about the importance of unity saying the presence of chiefs from different countries signified the unity and love among the Ngoni people.’


A local name.