Definition of Newtonian in English:



  • 1Relating to or arising from the work of Sir Isaac Newton.

    • ‘In the Einsteinian world there is more individualism and less government than in the Newtonian.’
    • ‘So the 20th century brought two major refinements of the old Newtonian picture: quantum mechanics and relativity.’
    • ‘Although we can know the everyday world in its Newtonian clarity, we can only know the quantum world if we are prepared to accept it in its Heisenbergian uncertainty.’
    • ‘They lectured on the tenets of the Newtonian system and valiantly defended contentious issues of Newtonian natural philosophy against attacks from critics.’
    • ‘The remarkable insight of Einstein was to discard the Newtonian notion of absolute time and view simultaneity in purely operational terms.’
    1. 1.1 Formulated or behaving according to the principles of classical physics.
      • ‘The classic Newtonian view of gravity as a simple force between objects was overthrown by Einstein's vision of gravity as the result of objects warping space and time.’
      • ‘In the modern Tychonian system, Keplerian and Newtonian principles are maintained, as in the heliocentric theory.’
      • ‘Field's formulation of Newtonian gravitational theory postulates, and has variables ranging over, space-time points and space-time regions.’
      • ‘According to Newtonian gravity, light is not affected by gravity, as light is massless.’
      • ‘But that's true of billiard balls and we don't resort to quantum physics to explain the Newtonian behaviour or lots of other stuff.’