Definition of Neolithic in English:



  • 1Relating to or denoting the later part of the Stone Age, when ground or polished stone weapons and implements prevailed.

    Compare with Mesolithic, Palaeolithic
    • ‘He found that Mesolithic and Neolithic material was found in the same area in only eight of the 221 blocks of land surveyed in the valley.’
    • ‘Distinctive styles of local pottery appear around 2500 bc along with Neolithic polished stone axes.’
    • ‘Within one of the roundhouses, but almost certainly unknown to its Iron Age inhabitants, was the burial of a late Neolithic or early Bronze Age child.’
    • ‘The remains of several Neolithic passage graves and over thirty Iron Age burial mounds can also be seen.’
    • ‘Early Neolithic flint tools were made from local beach pebbles.’
    1. 1.1as noun the Neolithic The Neolithic period.
      Also called New Stone Age

In the Neolithic period farm animals were first domesticated and agriculture was introduced: it began in the Near East by the 8th millennium BC and spread to northern Europe by the 4th millennium BC. Neolithic societies in NW Europe left such monuments as causewayed camps, henges, long barrows, and chambered tombs


Mid 19th century: from neo- ‘new’ + Greek lithos ‘stone’ + -ic.