Main definitions of ne in English

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  • The chemical element neon.

Main definitions of ne in English

: Ne12NE3



  • Originally called; born (used before the name by which a man was originally known)

    ‘Al Kelly, né Kabish’
    • ‘Jean-Pierre Melville, né Grumbach, took his name from his favourite author.’
    • ‘To me, I.F. Stone, né Isadore Feinstein, known to his friends as Izzy, was an event-making man.’
    • ‘This is the real Angel, né Ignacio, the director's first love.’
    • ‘Seth, né Gregory Gallant, got the idea for the book from an old storefront office of the same name in Toronto.’
    • ‘Ron Oddyssey, né Ronald Edward Keller of Melbourne, was someone I knew in college and am still looking for to this day.’
    • ‘Koning, né Koningsberger, escaped the Nazi occupation of The Netherlands in 1940 by fleeing to Britain.’
    • ‘For the rock 'n' roll generation, Eminem, né Marshall Mathers III, is the most compelling figure to have emerged from popular music since the holy trinity of Dylan, Lennon and Jagger.’


1930s: French, literally ‘born’, masculine past participle of naître; compare with née.



Main definitions of ne in English

: Ne12NE3


  • 1Nebraska (in official postal use).

  • 2New England.

  • 3North-east or north-eastern.

    ‘NE Japan’
    ‘four miles NE of Birmingham’