Definition of Montonero in English:



  • A member of a left-wing Peronist guerrilla organization in Argentina.

    • ‘In the operation against the Montoneros, a number of those who ‘disappeared’ were kidnapped by Argentine military intelligence operatives inside Brazil.’
    • ‘They were specifically charged in the killing of members of the Montoneros, the left-wing Peronist guerrilla group.’
    • ‘And this position explains in some sense why, of all the revolutionary groups operating in Argentina, he choose to join the Peronist Montoneros.’
    • ‘It's difficult for outsiders to understand how Argentina reached that extreme, but after several years of vicious attacks by the Montoneros guerrillas, the Argentines were desperate for relief.’
    • ‘In the '70s he was the leader of Montoneros, a revolutionary organization.’
    • ‘The most important ones were the People's Revolutionary Army and the Montoneros, the latter of Peronist extraction.’
    rebel, revolutionary, revolutionist, mutineer, agitator, subversive, guerrilla, anarchist, terrorist, bioterrorist, narcoterrorist, ecoterrorist, cyberterrorist, agroterrorist, rioter
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South American Spanish, literally ‘guerrilla fighter’, from Spanish montón ‘crowd or mass’: the term originally referred to a peasant rebel against imperial Spain.