Definition of Monothelite in English:


(also Monothelete)


Christian Theology
  • An adherent of the doctrine that Jesus had only one will, proposed in the 7th century to reconcile Monophysite and orthodox parties in the Byzantine Empire but condemned as heresy.

    • ‘These expressions are directed against the Monotheletes, ‘who acknowledged a human mind in Christ, but denied to Christ a human will.’’
    • ‘Farrell puts Maximos’ analysis of free will into the context of the controversies with the Monotheletes.’
    • ‘Seeing the spread of the heresy of the Monothelites, with which even the Emperor himself was infected, he left the imperial palace and joined the monks in the Chrysopolis Monastery.’
    • ‘As the Monotheletes denied a human free will in Christ, so monergism denies a human free will in the redeemed.’
    • ‘The error of the Monotheletes was to deprive Christ of an indispensible element of human nature: the human will.’


Late Middle English: via ecclesiastical Latin from ecclesiastical Greek monothelētēs, from monos ‘single’ + thelētēs (from thelein ‘to will’).