Definition of Monophysite in English:



Christian Theology
  • A person who holds that there is only one inseparable nature (partly divine, partly and subordinately human) in the person of Christ.

    • ‘He drew a distinction between Eutyches, who was condemned for teaching one, rather than two, natures in Christ, and the Monophysites.’
    • ‘One of the attempts made on the Chalcedonian side to produce a formula acceptable to the Monophysites was Monothelitism: the teaching that although there are two natures in Christ, there is only one proper activity.’
    • ‘The Copts have been known ever since to the Chalcedonians as Monophysites (from monos, meaning ‘one,’ and physis, meaning ‘nature’).’
    • ‘Taken in conjunction with my later discussion of his work on the Monophysites, it will show how Newman's historical work was a recurring and important influence on his theological work.’
    • ‘The situation of the Monophysites, who defied a General Council of the undivided, apostolic church, marked them as heretics.’


Late 17th century: via ecclesiastical Latin from ecclesiastical Greek monophusitēs, from monos ‘single’ + phusis ‘nature’.