Definition of Mancunian in English:



  • A native or inhabitant of Manchester.

    • ‘Almost 23 percent of Mancunians are smokers - more than Liverpool, Birmingham and Glasgow, and more than double the number in Oxford.’
    • ‘Tributes also came in from music fans and Mancunians on the Manchester Confidential entertainment website.’
    • ‘Far-flung destinations like Goa, Cuba and Egypt are now threatening the Canaries as the most popular winter destinations for Mancunians.’
    • ‘Most Mancunians would rather see this money spent making our streets cleaner or improving education for our children.’
    • ‘When I lived in Manchester that city managed to publish a pamphlet on notable Mancunians in history without mentioning Ann Lee anywhere.’
    • ‘But now, after 271 years serving ale to thirsty Mancunians, the pub is closing its doors.’
    • ‘And Mancunians face a miserable return to work on Tuesday - with yet another rail strike.’
    • ‘More than 10,000 people revelled in the glorious weather at a track Mancunians have made their own, while the quality of racing matched the spirit in the stands.’
    • ‘The judges say they are looking for stylish young Mancunians who they think have what it takes to make it in the fashion industry.’
    • ‘MOST Mancunians would welcome the introduction of the euro, even though it could mean price rises.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, a third of its inhabitants feel safe, compared with a quarter of Mancunians and only one in five Londoners.’
    • ‘We felt that the people of Nottinghamshire were very much like Mancunians.’
    • ‘Ask Mancunians for directions and they're likely to give you friendly advice.’
    • ‘This entranced the Mancunians and enraged the German nurse.’
    • ‘More than 20,000 applied to help at the Games, with the volunteer army working for the sheer love of being involved and that makes me proud of my fellow Mancunians.’
    • ‘The 2002 Games didn't have to be too spectacular to exceed them, but they were spectacular, they were marked by the enthusiasm of Mancunians, and they ended up spectacularly exceeding expectations.’
    • ‘But Mancunians we spoke to in the freezing streets seem to be going against the trend - they would much rather relax in the sun than get all hot and bothered doing jobs on the house.’
    • ‘Many exiled Mancunians were among those trying to access the site from abroad, along with many others with British ancestry.’
    • ‘Only two players had cost transfer fees, and seven were Mancunians.’
    • ‘I am sure the Mancunians don't want to be called Boltonians.’


  • Relating to Manchester.

    • ‘It became internationally famous for its connection with The Smiths, the cult 1980s Mancunian band who posed in front of it for an album cover.’
    • ‘And, of course, the girls starring in the ads will be flying the flag for Manchester, with their traditional Mancunian accents and northern charm.’
    • ‘Comedian Bernard Manning said: ‘People in London think you are lazy if you talk with a Mancunian accent.’’
    • ‘When I was attending a storytelling school in June 2001, one of the leaders was a great teller from Manchester called Dave, with the most carefully cultivated and maintained Mancunian accent.’
    • ‘The opening and closing ceremonies for the Commonwealth Games will draw on Mancunian culture to produce spectacular shows.’
    • ‘There's a healthy irreverence at the heart of the movie, as well as plenty of dry Mancunian wit.’
    • ‘After enlisting two buddies, Greg and Oliver, they form a band, play a few gigs in New York City, and before they know it, they're signed to Vice Records, home to Mancunian rapper The Streets.’
    • ‘In front of me, two Mancunian women were lifting imaginary pints to their lips and pointing to watches, signalling to their mates, two rows further down, that if this goes to penalties, nobody will get a drink in the city.’
    • ‘In a thick Mancunian accent, undiluted despite his living in Scotland for 30 years, he fires off a question: ‘Have you ever been to Old Trafford?’’
    • ‘Just four days after his history-making swim in Moscow, Mancunian record breaker James Hickman tackles fiercest rival Stephen Parry on the opening day of the Commonwealth Games trials and British Long Course Championships.’
    • ‘Two of his sons play for the club and he has put a grassroots strategy in place for thousands of promising Mancunian youngsters.’
    • ‘Former singer and frontman Shaun Ryder went on to form Black Grape with Bez and former members of other Mancunian bands.’
    • ‘Not only was the teacher talking quite quickly, but he had a Mancunian accent and I found it very difficult to follow.’
    • ‘For these Mancunian sky-watchers, the event is not only a scientific exercise - though that is its main purpose.’
    • ‘To move it would make a mockery of the numerous advertising campaigns that have played upon the beer's Mancunian heritage.’
    • ‘Greener Grass is a recital of poetry by Lorraine Parker, a poet and textile artist with Mancunian connections.’
    • ‘It is also extremely pleasing that, as a club with strong Mancunian roots, we have joined forces with a thriving Manchester-based business.’
    • ‘After almost 30 years and countless band members, prolific Mancunian bard Mark E Smith is still as cantankerous and unpredictable as ever.’
    • ‘A year ago, Mancunian brew Boddingtons was set to be moved out of the city for the first time since its creation in 1778.’
    • ‘Adrian says the menu has been designed to suit Mancunian tastes.’


Early 20th century: from Mancunium, the Latin name of Manchester, + -an.