Definition of Malpighian layer in English:

Malpighian layer


Anatomy Zoology
  • A layer in the epidermis in which skin cells are continually formed by division.

    • ‘The strata basale and spinosum are also referred to as the Malpighian layer.’
    • ‘Among the Malpighian layer is another type of cell called melanocyte which produces a chemical called melanin.’
    • ‘Together with the stratum basale it is sometimes referred to as the Malpighian layer (living layer).’
    • ‘The Malpighian layer is itself layered, the bottom layer of which is the basal layer.’
    • ‘Following these early changes, the cells of the Malpighian layer become swollen and vacuolated.’
    • ‘In Malpighian layers, disulfide cross-links only occurred just beneath the transition zone in thickened cell membranes.’


Malpighian layer