Definition of maharishi in English:



  • A great Hindu sage or spiritual leader.

    • ‘He has read the Hindu mystics extensively, and delightedly recounts anecdotes about a southern Maharishi, Ramana, whose life has influenced him.’
    • ‘But Maharishi has come up with a formula for world peace, which he believes can be achieved with large groups of meditators.’
    • ‘The Maharishi summoned us to a room full of flowers and colour where he talked about life's journey, reincarnation and release from pain.’
    • ‘Many people would agree with the Maharishi's political analysis, but they might have some issues with some of the more esoteric aspects of his teachings.’
    • ‘The Maharishi talks less about what happens during meditation than its effects on everyday life.’
    wise man, wise woman, learned man, learned woman, man of letters, woman of letters, philosopher, scholar, thinker, savant, solomon, nestor, solon
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Alteration of Sanskrit maharṣi, from mahā ‘great’ + ṛṣi ‘rishi, sage, saint’.