Main definitions of my in English

: my1MY2


possessive determiner

  • 1Belonging to or associated with the speaker.

    ‘my name is John’
    ‘my friend’
    1. 1.1informal Used with a name to refer to a member of the speaker's family.
      ‘my Johnny, see, he was smart’
    2. 1.2 Used with forms of address in affectionate, sympathetic, humorous, or patronizing contexts.
      ‘my dear boy’
      ‘my poor baby’
  • 2Used in various expressions of surprise.

    ‘my goodness!’
    ‘oh my!’


Middle English mi (originally before words beginning with any consonant except h-), reduced from min, from Old English mīn (see mine).




Main definitions of my in English

: my1MY2


  • Motor yacht.

    ‘MY Fleury’