Definition of Lacertilia in English:


plural noun

  • A group of reptiles that comprises the lizards.

    Suborder Lacertilia (or Sauria), order Squamata

    Also called Sauria
    • ‘In spite of this suggestion by Moodie, most workers in this field have accepted Moodie's earlier conclusion as definite and maintained that there are no sacral ribs in Lacertilia.’
    • ‘Characteristics that distinguish Idaho Lacertilia from the group Serpentes are the presence of four limbs (there are some lizards species elsewhere that lack limbs), visible ear openings, and movable eyelids.’
    • ‘The Suborder Lacertilia is well represented in Georgia, with 6 families, 10 genera, and 16 species.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Latin lacerta ‘lizard’.