Definition of King Alfred's cakes in English:

King Alfred's cakes

plural noun

  • another term for cramp balls
    • ‘The Latin name for King Alfred's cakes is Daldinia concentrica.’
    • ‘For fire-making, look out for thistledown and King Alfred's cakes (aka crampball fungus, which grows only on ash trees), both of which make fantastic tinder.’
    • ‘Its common name of King Alfred's cakes comes from an incident where the King burned some cakes and the fungus resembled these burned cakes.’
    • ‘Peter James takes us on a tour through the enthralling world of scarlet elf cups, death caps and King Alfred's cakes.’
    • ‘So it seems that there is a little story attached to the fungus Crimplene identifies as Daldinia concentrica or King Alfred's cakes.’