Definition of Khoja in English:



  • A member of an Ismaili sect found mainly in western India.

    • ‘The marriage, divorce, and funeral customs of the Khojas differ from the general law and customs of Islam.’
    • ‘The Khojas today represent an integral part of the Nizari communities scattered in more than twenty-five countries.’
    • ‘But Bohras and Khojas have their own respective leaders they call Imams and give religious value to them.’
    • ‘Zanzibar was witness to all the chaos and entanglement that had befallen the Khojas of that era.’
    • ‘The majority of Khojas are also converts from Hinduism and their customs are a reflection of this.’
    • ‘He is credited with the conversion of the Khojas from the Hindu caste of the Lohanas.’
    • ‘My father is an Arab, my mother a Gujarati Khoja with a memsahib upbringing.’
    • ‘In the 19th century some Khojas emigrated to East Africa, where Khoja communities remain today.’
    • ‘The Khojas were all engaged either in retail trade or commerce, and doing well in both.’
    • ‘How many of us really know the culture and traditions of the Memons, Khojas, Cheliyas or the Moplahs?’
    • ‘They announced the fact of their separation in the newspapers and became known as Ithna Ashari Khojas.’
    • ‘The Nizari and Mustali-Tayyibi Ismailis of South Asian origins have been more commonly designated, respectively, as Khojas and Bohras.’
    • ‘Like the Pope, who retains all the powers to control Roman Catholic Christians, the Bohara and Khojas are under strict control of their respective priestly hierarchy.’
    • ‘The Ismaili Khojas number over 270 thousand and there are still a handful of Sunni Khojas.’


Early 17th century (in the sense ‘Muslim scribe or teacher’): from Turkish hoca, from Persian.