Definition of Jheri curl in English:

Jheri curl


  • A black male hairstyle in which the hair is styled into tight ringlets with a glossy finish.

    • ‘Now, I'm not one to judge, but dudes, he had a Jheri curl.’
    • ‘When you get to Man U., if he's there, can you try and get Ronaldinho to do something about his Jheri curl?’
    • ‘Run-DMC and LL Cool J had made the sequined glove and Jheri curl culturally irrelevant.’
    • ‘Michael seemingly had perfected himself in a surgically cosmetic way, his Jheri curl was state of the art, and he exulted in the torturing of the beautiful Ola Ray.’


From the nickname of Robert William Redding (1907–98), the American developer of the haircare product used to create the style.