Definition of Japanese in English:



  • Relating to Japan or its language, culture, or people.

    • ‘Shinto has been an established part of Japanese culture for at least 2000 years.’
    • ‘Saito was the most prominent Japanese artist to attract attention after the war.’
    • ‘The Japanese language includes sharply divergent styles of speech for men and women.’
    • ‘It is reputed in Japanese culture that noisy eating is a compliment to the cook.’
    • ‘The intoxicating obscurity of ancient Japanese culture is shown to be irrational and confusing.’


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Japan, or a person of Japanese descent.

    • ‘Unlike the Belgians, Americans and Japanese, the British have no heritage of adult comic books.’
    • ‘It took them three hours to get to the Longhua Airport, used as an air force base for the Japanese.’
    • ‘Apart from the American Indians, the Japanese make some use of lily bulbs in traditional dishes.’
    • ‘Gold Coaster Roma Blair has come a long way from her days as a prisoner of war interned by the Japanese.’
    • ‘Americans make up the second largest expat population in Shanghai after the Japanese.’
    • ‘We mean no disrespect to those asking the Germans or Japanese for compensation.’
    • ‘Often the Japanese have been happy just to sell us the latest gizmo.’
    • ‘We visited all the famous places and battled with the Japanese for the best photography spots.’
    • ‘We were all celebrating the victory over the Japanese in the last war.’
    • ‘With the yen depreciating against the dollar, the Japanese have been looking for something more secure.’
  • 2mass noun The language of Japan, spoken by almost all of its population.

    • ‘So now we have a Japanese company, run by a New York-based Briton who speaks no Japanese.’
    • ‘She speaks the equivalent of fifth grade Japanese and is in her third year of taking Mandarin.’
    • ‘Japanese shows some similarities to Korean and the Altaic languages.’
    • ‘The firm already has machine translation from English to Japanese, and Japanese to English.’
    • ‘The speeches will be in English, but questions will be invited in Japanese or English.’