Definition of Izod test in English:

Izod test


  • A material strength test in which a notched specimen is broken by a blow from a pendulum, the energy absorbed being determined from the decrease in the swing of the pendulum.

    • ‘Aluminum alloys have no ductile-to-brittle transition; consequently; neither ASTM nor ASME specifications require low-temperature Charpy or Izod tests of aluminum alloys.’
    • ‘In the Izod test, the specimen is mounted in a vise in the base, then struck by the pendulum.’
    • ‘The upside-down relationship between MFR and toughness, as measured by the notched Izod test, is apparent.’
    • ‘There are basically two types of tests, Charpy and Izod tests for evaluation of impact strength.’
    • ‘For Izod tests the pendulum is dropped from the lower position with the auxiliary weights removed.’


Early 20th century: named after Edwin G. Izod, the British engineer who devised the test.


Izod test