Definition of Hitler, Adolf in English:

Hitler, Adolf

proper noun

  • 1(1889–1945), Austrian-born Nazi leader, Chancellor of Germany 1933–45.

    1. 1.1as noun a Hitler A person with authoritarian or tyrannical characteristics.
      ‘little Hitlers of the Trade Union movement’
      • ‘Does this sort of rhetoric make us more likely to accurately identify future Hitlers, or less?’
      • ‘The people said among themselves, ‘We have produced our own Hitlers.’’
      • ‘Let's not repeat the mistakes of WWII and try to negotiate with the Hitlers of the world.’
      • ‘That was an extreme case but don't we all see our very own Hitlers in real life.’
      • ‘Gen is an almost normal being to the Hitlers of the school.’
      • ‘I'm not going to bother fighting any giant alien dinosaurs or zombie Hitlers so I can topple Mr. X's fascist regime.’
      • ‘Faced with a sea of little Hitlers, Schulz mutters almost to himself, ‘One Furhrer is enough!’’
      • ‘I left the site on that wind-swept cold afternoon wondering why such reminders of the past like Dachau have failed to deter the latter-day Hitlers.’
      • ‘What I think is important is that there are other possible Hitlers out there.’
      • ‘Max Weber called it charisma, the strange power possessed by prophets and saviors, by heroes and demagogues, by the Gandhis and the Hitlers alike.’
      • ‘Munich is the mind-set, but not if it prevents us from confronting still more little Hitlers.’
      • ‘And now the head of the whole organization stands mum while asking for more money from the alleged Hitlers and Mussolinis.’
      • ‘That's what the new Hitlers tell us - If you wanna live, better listen to us.’
      • ‘She equated those in the U.S. who refused to stand up for equality, justice, and human rights in the nation to small Hitlers.’
      • ‘So how about it: do we have any Hitlers or Stalins here?’
      • ‘What right do these tinpot Hitlers have to tell other people what children they can have?’
      • ‘But they're rude, they're abrupt, and they act like little tin Hitlers, lording it over their domain.’


Hitler, Adolf