Definition of Hindu in English:


Pronunciation /hɪnˈduː//ˈhɪnduː/


  • A follower of Hinduism.

    • ‘So the Hindus say that this Atman is absolute and all pervading, therefore infinite.’
    • ‘What, then, was the provocation by the Hindus in the case of the Sabarmati Express?’
    • ‘Veda, Ramayan and Gita are the three and the only three supreme scriptures of Hindus.’
    • ‘For the devout Hindus who pray at tiny ponds and puddles, the Saraswati is both a real river and a deity.’
    • ‘Later, the concept of Dharma was also used by Hindus in very much the same way.’
    • ‘Every 12 years Hindus gather for the Kumbh Mela festival and a temporary city is born.’
    • ‘Yes, the Hindus are boiling mad at the Congress which has had its heydey in Nehruvian days.’
    • ‘This trend has sparked debate among Hindus about the nature of Hinduism and its boundaries.’
    • ‘The development by Hindus of the system of base ten and the concept of zero is well known.’
    • ‘For no other country in the world from east to west, faces the agony that the Hindus in India have to face.’
    • ‘The most obvious example of change, is the change of dress of Hindus from dhoti to trousers.’
    • ‘When Christianity was taking shape, Hindus inhabited that part of the world as well.’
    • ‘The Hindus were the first to make systematic use of the letters of the alphabet to denote unknowns.’
    • ‘Whenever a Hindu inquires about other Hindus, what he actually wants to know is their caste.’
    • ‘Therefore those sounds of words of Vedas and Upanishads are very important to Hindus.’
    • ‘She urged Muslims to be the best Muslims they could be and Hindus to be the best Hindus.’
    • ‘The reconversion work is going on in Hndusthan to get Hindus back where they truly belong.’
    • ‘A guy named Philip asked me on this forum to explain why it is that Hindus worship the Shiv Ling.’
    • ‘Whether Adivasis are Hindus or not has always been a question of great controversy.’
    • ‘The other goal of Arya Sena is to strengthen the belief of Hindutva amongst Hindus.’


  • Relating to Hindus or Hinduism.

    • ‘The breadth of Hindu religion accommodates a large variety of religious concepts.’
    • ‘Under Babur Hinduism was tolerated and new Hindu temples were built with his permission.’
    • ‘In a short life span, he traveled the whole country and established an order of Hindu monks.’
    • ‘The sadhus are ready to intervene to save Hindu religion if the army let the country down, he adds.’
    • ‘In fact fighting for the weak and exploited is the most important Hindu dharma.’
    • ‘Hindustan does not have enough institutions for the scholarly study of Hindu culture.’
    • ‘There has also been persistent effort from some quarters to speak ill of Hindu religion.’
    • ‘These detractors are captives of an escapist interpretation of Hindu philosophy.’
    • ‘He was born into the Brahman caste which meant he was from the highest ranking caste of Hindu priests.’
    • ‘No one outside India will ask a question, as fortunately there is no Hindu nation in the world.’
    • ‘The Western notion of marriage has no moral or social counterpart in Hindu society.’
    • ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is definitely not a part of true Hindu doctrine.’
    • ‘No attempt is made to convince or convert people of other faiths to Hindu faith.’
    • ‘According to Hindu dharma, a person is known by his work and not by his birth.’
    • ‘It is uttered in the beginning as well as at the end of all Hindu prayers.’
    • ‘Lord Shiva the destroyer, is one of the three primary Hindu deities or Trimurti.’
    • ‘The caste system is the most misunderstood, the most vilified subject of Hindu society.’
    • ‘That's the battle cry of Vedic Hindu soldiers before they enter battle and it worked for them so far.’
    • ‘On some occasions his hair resembles the twisting platted masses of Hindu sadhus.’
    • ‘Most graphic arts fall within the domain of traditional production by Hindu caste groups.’


Urdu, from Persian hindū, from Hind ‘India’.