Definition of granophyre in English:



mass nounGeology
  • A granitic rock consisting of intergrown feldspar and quartz crystals in a medium- to fine-grained groundmass.

    • ‘Here, the 24-foot-thick bed strikes E-W, dips 25 [degrees] N., and is composed of subangular-to-rounded clasts composed of granophyre, rhyolite, and basalt.’
    • ‘Although the features described above are present everywhere in the partially melted gneiss, grain boundary films of fine granophyre also occur in about a third of the partially melted samples from Priomh-lochs.’
    • ‘Some 600 m below this breccia the pluton is pervaded by a fine-grained granophyre, apparently the product of a sudden and final crystallization.’
    • ‘The higher temperatures of the Fiachanis block and the general absence of fine granophyre suggest that this was subjected to longer and more intense heating than the gneiss at Priomh-lochs.’
    • ‘The Main Channel conglomerate is made up of a variety of well-rounded felsite, granophyre, and quartz-feldspar porphyry pebbles, suggesting a geologically diverse source terrane.’


Late 19th century: from German Granophyr, from Granit ‘granite’ + Porphyr (see porphyry).